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Electrical - Battery Isolators

Frequently Asked Questions about Electrical - Battery Isolators

A battery isolator is a device that allows the separation of electrical power between multiple battery sources. It ensures that power flows in one direction, preventing cross-drainage and optimizing power management.

Battery isolators use diodes or solenoids to control the flow of electrical current between battery banks. They allow charging from the alternator while preventing discharge from other connected batteries.

Battery isolators are essential for various applications, including multi-battery setups in vehicles, boats, and off-grid power systems. They protect batteries from over-drainage and ensure efficient power distribution.

Yes, our battery isolators are designed for easy installation. With basic knowledge of electrical systems and our detailed instructions, you can confidently install them yourself.

While not all isolators are waterproof, we offer marine-grade isolators specifically designed to withstand the harsh conditions of marine environments.