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BunkerHead Mossyoak Breakup Bugmesh System

Brand: BunkerHead LLC

Revolutionize Your Hunting Experience with the BunkerHead Bug Mesh Camo Head Concealment System


The BunkerHead Bug Mesh Camo Head Concealment System is a game-changer for hunters seeking ultimate stealth and comfort. Designed to blend seamlessly with natural environments, this system offers unparalleled camouflage and ease-of-use.

Unmatched Head Concealment

The heart of this system lies in its innovative design. Comprising the No Touch Facemask, Hoodie, and unique Bunker Clips, it attaches effortlessly to any baseball-style cap, ensuring your head remains hidden without sacrificing comfort.

Innovative Bunker Clips

The Bunker Clips are a standout feature, easily attaching to your favorite cap brim. They not only hold the system in place but also serve as convenient anchors for sunglasses, fishing lures, or natural foliage for enhanced camouflage.

No Touch Facemask: Visibility Meets Comfort

Visibility is critical, and the No Touch Facemask delivers. Its formable rubber-coated wire can be custom-shaped, ensuring clear vision and easy mouth access for game calls. Ventilation is generous, preventing fogging of glasses or scopes.

The Breathable, Insect-Resistant Hoodie

Matching the facemask, the Hoodie is designed for hot, insect-abundant environments. Its Bug Mesh fabric is lightweight and breathable, ensuring you stay cool and undisturbed by pests.

Full-Range Head Movement

Forget the limitations of conventional hooded jackets. This system moves with your head, preventing obstruction and noise while keeping you fully covered.

Customizable for All Ages

One size truly fits all. Thanks to the customizable wire forms, this system can be adapted for hunters of any age, ensuring comfort and effectiveness for everyone.