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Camco RhinoFLEX 5 Sewer Hose Extension w/Swivel Bayonet Lug

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RhinoFLEX 5' Sewer Hose Extension with Swivel Bayonet & Lug

Camco's RV RhinoFLEX 5-Foot Sewer Hose Extension Kit with Coupler extends the reach of your RhinoFLEX hose. It includes a 5-foot RhinoFLEX hose with a pre-attached swivel lug and bayonet fitting. The kit also works with any sewer hose that has a bayonet fitting. It compresses to 24 inches for storage and the hose can be stored in 4-inch square bumpers.


  • Kit includes: 5-foot RhinoFLEX sewer hose, swivel bayonet fitting, and a swivel lug fitting
  • Compatibility: Works with any sewer hose that has a bayonet fitting
  • Fittings Swivel: For ease of use and are designed to stay sealed
  • Easy to Store: Kit compresses to 24-inches for storage and can be stored in 4-inch square bumpers
  • Durable Construction: The 5-foot RhinoFLEX sewer hose is made of 23 mils of durable polyolefin and reinforced with steel wire; it Includes permanent, no-leak fittings