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Fireboy-Xintex Optical Smoke Detector w/Base

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Optical Smoke Detector with Base

Optical smoke detectors have consistently been recognized as suitable detectors for general use. They are regarded as particularly suitable for smoldering fires and escape routes. This smoke detector is also designed to significantly reduce the incidence of false alarms through over-sensitivity to transient phenomena.


  • Recommended for use as general-purpose smoke detectors for early warning of fires in most areas
  • Works well in black as well as in white smoke
  • Compensation for slow changes in sensitivity
  • Extra confirmation of smoke before an alarm signal is given


  • Sampling Frequency: Once every four seconds 
  • Operating Voltage: 8.5 V dc to 33 V dc
  •  Supply Wiring: Two wire supply, polarity sensitive
  •  Power-up Time: < 20 seconds
  •  Minimum ‘Detector Active’ Voltage: 6 V
  • Minimum Holding Current: 8 mA
  •  Minimum Voltage to Light Alarm LED: 5 V
  •  Alarm Reset Time: One second
  •  Alarm Indicator: Integral indicator with 360º visibility
  •  Operating & Storage Temperature: -40ºC to +70ºC
  • Humidity (no condensation or icing): 0% to 98% RH


  • Optical Smoke Detectors work on the well-established light scatter principle
  • The remarkable optical design of this Smoke Detector enables it to respond to a wide spectrum of fires
  • The sensing chamber contains an optical sensor that measures back-scattered light as well as the more usual forward-scattered light 
  • The detector is calibrated so that it is highly reliable in detecting fires but is much less likely to generate false alarms
  • The stability of the detector-high reliability, low false alarm rate is further increased by the use of algorithms to decide when the detector should change to the alarm state 
  • Removes the likelihood of a detector producing an alarm as a result of smoke from smoking materials or another non-fire source


  • Fume Type: Smoke