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Furuno Touch Encoder Unit f/NavNet TZtouch2 TZtouch3 - Silver - 3M M12 to USB Adapter Cable

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Furuno Touch Encoder Unit for NavNet TZtouch2 & TZtouch3 - Silver - 3M M12 to USB Adapter Cable

Control all aspects of your NavNet TZtouch2 or NavNet TZtouch3 from one simple, stylish Touch Encoder!

The TEU001 combines “The Best of Both Worlds” when it comes to NavNet control. The innovative TEU001B Touch Encoder Unit provides a compact, touch-based interface that emulates the already familiar Edge Swipe UI of NavNet TZtouch2 and NavNet TZtouch3. It also incorporates a beautifully designed RotoKey™ for easy access and tactile control of many common operations, including zoom in/out and quick menu scrolling. The color LCD touchscreen will enhance the look of any dash and provide incredible armchair control.

With a RotoKey™ and LCD Touch Screen that supports both single and two-finger tap functions, you can control nearly every function of your NavNet TZtouch2 or TZtouch3 MFD directly from this simple and stylish Touch Encoder. Edge swipe up or down, left or right to access all of your menu options, take advantage of long and short press functions, and zoom and pan your charts - total control of your NavNet TZtouch2 or NavNet TZtouch3 MFD is at your fingertips!

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Owner's Manual (pdf)