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Raritan Smart Toilet Control Circuit Board

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Smart Toilet Control Circuit Board

Smart Toilet Control (STC) is a controller for flushing toilets to optimize water use without compromising the quality of flush.

Control consists of a controller, panel, and 7’ of cable. 

STC is designed to automatically start a flushing cycle if normal or water-saver buttons are pressed.

The water-only button brings inlet water to the bowl when pressed and the empty-only button evacuates the bowl. Both water-only and empty buttons have a time limit of eight seconds.

Flush timing of initial fill, discharge, and final fill are fully programmable from the panel. If wired, the panel also shows the holding tank's full status. When holding the tank full the LED is lit, and normal and water saver buttons are disabled. Water only and the empty button continues to function. Control is reverse polarity protected. In the case of reverse polarity motors and solenoids will activate as soon as power is connected. After reverse polarity is corrected (within 10 minutes), the unit will work as normal.