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Seaview Electrically Actuated Hinge 24V Fits Seaview Mounts Ending in M1 M2

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Electrically Actuated Hinge 24V Fits Seaview Mounts Ending in M1 & M2

The Seaview SVEHB1 electrically actuated hinge will fit all Seaview mounts with 7"x7" and 10"x10" mounting base plates. Some electronics can also be mounted directly to the hinge plates when needed (contact Seaview to direct mount electronics). Professionally designed to raise and lower marine electronics with the push of a button. This single electrically actuated hinge will accommodate single small Seaview mounts up to large dual mounts fully loaded with marine electronics. This hinge is 5-9/16" tall x 13" wide x 20-1/2" long. This will hinge approximately 93 degrees leaving the hinge plate vertical off the mounting surface about 11-7/16".

This Seaview hinge is marine grade aluminum expertly fabricated for consistently superior welds. The actuator used is 24V however, 12V is an option with a conversion kit. The 24V actuator has a current draw of 10.4 amps on startup and when it is fully loaded with 2248 pound-force. The hinge has a very durable finish unlike anything else in the industry. This is first chem treated (for corrosion resistance), then an epoxy polyester primer coat is applied and finished with a polyester powder coat for a superior gloss white finish. There are two waterproof cable glands inside the hinge for water proof cable routing. This also has a removable lid to conveniently service the inside of the hinge if needed.

This actuated hinge has been used for many applications. Some examples, but not limited to are: Princess 66, Navetta 48, Sunseeker 52 & 66, Absolute 58, Sabre 45, Jupiter 27 and HCB Yacht 65CC.


  • Electrically Actuated Hinge 
  • Volt: 24V 
  • Fits Seaview Mounts ending M1 and M2


  • Type: Misc

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