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Sika SikaBiresin AP077 Polyester Fairing Compound Above/Below Waterline - Quart

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SikaBiresin® AP077 White Quart BPO Hardener Required

SikaBiresin® AP077 is a polyester filler and fairing compound that offers the user a smooth workable paste with a set fast cure to expedite those applications for repair or finish. It is easier to sand than conventional fillers and can be finished to a feather edge. This material can be easily applied with a squeegee, spatula, or flat tool, and once cured will accept virtually all types of coatings and decorative films.


  • Exceptional adhesion
  • Very quick setting
  • Minimal shrinkage


SikaBiresin® AP077 can be used in the following applications: gel coat blister repair, fiberglass parts repair, and filling cloth imprint on FRP panels. This material has excellent adhesive and bond strength to fiberglass, SMC, FRP, epoxy, graphite, and Kevlar® composites as well as aluminum, wood, and other substrates.


  • Exceptional adhesion
  • Very quick setting
  • Minimal shrinkage
  • High service temperature
  • Excellent finishing and machinability
  • Accept virtually all types of finishes
  • Low moisture absorption for above or below waterline applications

Quick Guide (pdf)
Owner's Manual (pdf)