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Whale Gulley IC Large Waste Water Outlet

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Gulley IC Large Waste Water Outlet

Single-outlet shower drain gulley with intelligent control built in. This product must be used with a Gulper IC since the Gulley IC is connected to a Gulper IC. When the gulley senses water, it sends an electrical signal to the gulper IC, which evacuates the system. As the water level decreases, the electrical signal transmitted by the gulley will cease. Gulper IC will continue to operate for a further 15 seconds before switching off.


Gulley IC is a single outlet shower drain solution and has intelligent control built in (must be operated by a 12/24V Gulper IC unit only). Electronic sensors automatically control grey water waste level when connected to a pre-wired connection to the Gulper IC via Deutsch connectors. Due to remote monitoring, the pump receives signals from the Gulley IC and switches on and off automatically.

In the Box:

  • Gulley IC
  • Nonreturn valve
  • No 8 x 25mm self-tapping screw
  • Cable grip


  • Cable Length: 2m (6ft.)
  • Hose Connections: 19mm (3/4 in.) / 25mm (1 in.)
  • Control voltage: 5V dc via Gulper IC Pump
  • Current Draw: Low power 6mA supply 
  • Connectors: Deutsch connectors – quick connect series 7 ways (directly onto Gulper IC)