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Wichard GybEasy Boom Brake

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Gyb'Easy Boom Brake

Gybe safely with Gyb'Easy, the Wichard boom brake. Why a boom brake? Gybing remains one of the most challenging operations on a sailing boat even for experienced sailors and can possibly generate injuries and material damage. Gyb'Easy is an efficient and safe solution to reduce such risks.

Concept: Thanks to the frictions of the specific line called Gyb'Flex passing over the boom brake, the boom is allowed to gybe smoothly and without jerks. The more the line passes over the openings, the more the friction is increased and hence the brake efficiency.

Settings of the Gyb'Easy: The adjustment is made thanks to the tension of the line. 3 different positions exist for a better adaptation of the mainsail and wind conditions.

Easy installation: It takes a few minutes to install it on an eye strap of the boom. Two different fittings can be implemented to fit with all the deck configurations.

Technical Data:

  • Can be used on mainsail areas below 40 sqm
  • Gyb'Flex line supplied (part#: 7148): Length: 16 m / Diameter: 11 mm
  • Weight (g/lbs): 600g/1.323lbs
  • Materials: Anodized Aluminum


  • Gybing operations